Teks Capital is a regulated investment manager focused on obtaining superior risk adjusted returns and developing structured products in several asset classes.


Teks Capital manages an Experienced Investor Fund with around 100 MM US$ in AUM since March 2021, focused primarily on investing in traditional markets.

We have developed a proprietary model, improved after years trading options on highly volatile assets, which provide superior risk adjusted returns in traditional markets regardless of market conditions.

Our principals have been active investors in traditional markets for a combined 50+ years. In traditional markets (US equities) returns have been consistently superior to the S&P.

/ Investment Thesis

Digital Assets
Opportunity & Risk

Traditional Portfolio + Teks Alpha Investment

Digital assets have provided a higher risk-adjusted return than any other asset class

  • An investment in digital assets has the potential to be multiplied many times and also enhances the risk-adjusted return of any investment portfolio
  • By adding 5% of digital assets through Teks Alpha in traditional portfolios holding SPY, BONDS, GLD and CASH, Sharpe Ratios are increased by +50%
  • Teks Alpha is a Cell within Systema Fund PCC, which is managed by Teks Capital

Digital Assets Risks

BTC & ETH Drawdowns
AVAX Drawdowns
SOL Drawdowns
LUNA Drawdowns

/ Products

Teks Alpha

Teks Alpha executes a strategy which was developed and improved after several years of trading options on highly volatile assets and obtaining superior risk adjusted market returns, regardless of market conditions. Since December 2022, Teks Alpha has deployed several option structures over the SPX.

Teks Alpha Termsheet

/ Investment Strategies

Teks Bitstone

Teks Bitstone is a proprietary strategy that increases the compounded growth of a pure long Bitcoin (BTC) portfolio. It offers the advantage of obtaining a superior performance on top of their BTC by capturing almost all of the upside while also benefiting under large price drops (crash scenarios). It also provides downside protection


/ Investment Strategies

Teks Structured Products
& Hyper Growth

Teks Structured Products & Hyper Growth are tailor-made risk-reward adjusted products based on the investor preferences

Teks Capital operates structured products from pure funding rates to altcoins growth combined with derivatives trading


Aberg Cobo

CEO & Board Member

Alex has a broad 30-year professional experience in both developed and emerging markets, including senior management, sales, marketing and business development roles. He has a solid track record in Investment Banking, Sales & Trading and Alternative Investments.

Most recently, in 2018 he joined a global blockchain company as Chief Financial and Legal Officer. Later, he switched his focus to investment management in the digital asset space through a regulated Hedge Fund (Systema Fund PCC Ltd.). He is also a Director in a Cayman based HF and in a Central Bank regulated Uruguayan entity.

Prior to this, he worked six years in a Minerva Project in San Francisco, a educational startup seeded by Benchmark Capital, which is transforming global education. He was a Managing Director for Latin America heading all operations in the region and running business development.

Before this, Alex started his own financial advisory practice in 2006, including a Family Office which later also included a Cayman based Hedge Fund (Alto Global Fund Ltd.) and executed several asset backed lending transactions. Prior to this, he worked as a Director at Deutsche Bank as well as a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, both in New York. His investment banking experiences included Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions and Sales and Trading.

Alex has an MBA from Harvard Business School (1995) and a Juris Doctor degree from Universidad Católica Argentina (1990).

Dufay de Lavallaz

Head of Investments & Board Member

Santiago has a 15-year professional experience in Asset Management, focused mostly on equities, derivatives trading and crypto investments. In 2012 he co-founded Alpha-Equity where he developed real-time automated trading systems and managed research in areas such as statistical models of portfolio performance, portfolio optimizations, dynamic risk management and asset-backed securities valuation. Since 2018, Santiago has been an active investor in the crypto space and has helped many projects in hedging their crypto holdings and in building decentralized applications for the next generation of distributed protocols. In 2019 he joined IOV Labs Limited where he developed and executed crypto-hedged positions through bitcoin options and derivative strategies.

Santiago has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Católica Argentina (2006) and studied Applied Statistics at the Caicyt-Conicet (2010). He has also been a Finance Professor in Universidad Católica Argentina from 2006 to 2011.


Head of Technology

Alejandro has more than 15 years of work experience in Technology Innovation. He is a Computer Science Engineer and Analyst (UADE, Argentina) and a Global Executive MBA at IESE Business School (Spain). Mr. Banzas is also a Lecturer at the University of Gibraltar, teaching a class he has developed regarding Blockchain technologies.

He is Head of Technology at Teks Capital and is actively involved in DeFi and other innovation projects. Former Head of Developer Relations @ RSK Labs where he worked for 3 years ending his tenure as part of the leadership team.

Prior to working at IOV Labs, Mr. Banzas spent 6 years at Microsoft were he was promoted from Technical Evangelist to a Senior role in the same team. At Microsoft, Mr. Banzas was a member of the innovation and new technologies team . Also, Alejandro is an Advisor in technological projects with social impact.


Head of Operations

Ignacio has a 14-year experience in the finance industry.

From 2018 onwards Mr. Erausquin joined Harboured SA, a Financial Advisor registered with the Central Bank of Uruguay as Head of Administration, Finance, and as Compliance Officer.

Prior to Harboured SA. Ignacio worked at Noctua Partners, where he started as Middle Office Manager, involved in the administration, reporting and operational tasks of the different funds. In 2006 Ignacio joined the back office department of Santander Private Banking, giving local support to commercial offices in Miami, Bahamas, Geneva, and New York.

Mr. Erausquin has 3 year of studies in Accounting from Universidad Catolica de Montevideo.

Arrojo García

AI Researcher & MM Operations

Roberto is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) professor and Maximalist that has developed AI protocols used by asset managers and biotech companies. He is an active member of Mensa (High IQ society) and Ambassador of AI Saturdays, where he collaborates with multiple e-health projects.

In 2019 he joined Causality Group as a portfolio manager and quant researcher with special focus in Deep Learning and AI algorithms development and portfolio optimization. He was also head of Research & Development at Adiabat Technologies.

In 2016 he founded Convolution, a Health Start-up focused on breast cancer detection through deep learning algorithms that received economic support both from Microsoft and IBM.

Roberto has been accelerated by Tetuan Valley and mentored in Business Administration by the IESE team. He holds a MSC in AI applied to Stock Markets.


Infrastructure Dev

Alex has 8 years of work experience in Software Development Lifecycle across diferent sectors with strict safety requirements.

In his last stage before joining Teks Capital, he was leading the SW team for a company focused on the Rail industry.

With a strict philosophy of developing high-quality, scalable, and maintainable applications he’s contributed to build several tools related to Stock Market and Crypto investments.

Alex has a Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad de Cantabria and a Master Degree in Embedded Systems from Mondragon Unibertsitatea.


Head of Finance & Administration

Prior to joining Teks Capital on September 2022, Sofia worked 4 years (Jan2019-May2022) in IOV Labs SA, an uruguayan technology company. She was appointed as Sr. Controlling Analyst and her tasks included modeling and preparing financial reports, planning and executing budgeting process, monitoring company costs and presenting budget forecasts and collaborating with the CFO to produce accurate and timely financial reports.

From March 2017 to January 2019 she worked as Accounting Analyst at Union General Armenia de Beneficiencia (non-profit) providing general administration tasks and general accounting.

She has vast experience in developing metrics, dashboards and collaborating with diferent management members to develop accurate budget and forecasting figures.

Sofia has a bachelor degree in accounting (2019) from UDELAR – Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Montevideo, Uruguay and holds the title of Chartered Controller Analyst (issued by the Global Chartered Controller Institute based in Madrid, Spain)

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