/ Teks Capital is a regulated investment advisory firm

/focused primarily on investments in crypto assets./


/Teks Capital is a regulated investment advisory firm focused primarily on investments in crypto assets.

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Cryptocurrencies have become an extremely attractive investment opportunity with the potential to grow considerably in the years to come

  1. Institutional investors have started to allocate resources to crypto assets (Tesla, Microstrategy, among others)
  2. Supply is fixed/limited,
  3. Asset class is very demanded (Bitcoin annual trading volume doubled in 2020, versus 2019)
  4. Crypto assets can be a hedge against inflation
    1. There is a concern that central bank policies could be setting up for accelerating inflation
    2. Investing in Bitcoin provides a hedge against the above risk, and more so if the supply chain starts receiving payments in crypto instead of only in fiat
  5. Most crypto asset price appreciation came in the US hours of trading, signaling a higher adoption in the US. In 2017, Asia had led the appreciation.
/ As an example, these are the US$ market cap of different asset classes

  1. Gold (10 trillion),
  2. &P (90 trillion),
  3. Real Estate (228 trillion),
  4. Fixed Income (105 trillion), and
  5. Crypto assets (1.4 Trillion).
/ Crypto assets have no correlation to traditional asset classes

/ Adding crypto assets to portfolios provide superior returns

/ In house sophisticated and robust AI algorithms at Teks Capital allow us to capture market inefficiencies and opportunities to maximize returns
Teks Capital is a regulated advisory firm focused primarily on investments in crypto assets

  1. Teks Capital provides advisory services directly to family offices, hedge funds and sophisticated investors
  2. Teks Capital is also the Investment Manager of Systema Fund PCC Ltd. a Gibraltar based Regulated Investment Fund

Through Teks Capital, global investors have a simple, secure and efficient vehicle to allocate a % of their portfolios to this new asset class. Investors can subscribe and redeem their investments directly in US$ and returns are measured and audited in US$

  1. Teks Capital has the highest security standards in all our crypto holdings, as they are held in a secure multi signature cold storage wallet
  2. Teks Capital has 70 years of cumulative work experience, including a two-year investment track record

/ We provide attractive returns with less volatility, Investing opportunistically and exploiting market and pricing inefficiencies

Growth of cryptocurrencies and BTC in particular

  1. Non correlation (adding 2, 6 and 10% of crypto exposure)
  1. Bitcoin has been giving a higher risk-adjusted return than other major asset classes. Bitcoin’s 4-year Sharpe ratio has been constantly above 2.0, and it has reached above 3.0 in 2019, 2016, 2014. Bitcoin´s Sharpe Ratio stands out above all other asset classes including Stocks and Gold that have Sharpe Ratios of 1.73 and 1.34 respectively.
  1. Cryptocurrencies have become the fastest growing alternative investments products during the last 12 years.
  2. Global crypto market capitalization increased from USD 5 billion to USD 862 billion (2014-2020), an exponential growth rate of +10,000%.
  3. Bitcoins represents 65% of the global crypto market cap and has had an exponential growth rate of more than +900,000% since 2012.

Teks Capital implements multiple investments strategies for varying levels of targeted capital appreciation and risk appetite

  1. Fundamental and technical analysis
  2. Collateralized option trading
  3. Fixed income and Defi allocation
  4. AI and Deep Learning systems in place to detect inefficiencies, best pricing and fast execution
  5. Network of solid platforms and providers

Teks Capital principals have been active investors in digital assets and have achieved solid returns while reducing volatility at the same time.

BTC Teks
Total Return 238.46% 231.90%
APR 114.46% 111.31%
Volatility 69.47% 30.99%
Free Rate 1.50% 1.50%
Sharpe 1.63 3.54
  1. Segregated share class within Systema Fund PCC.
  2. The Fund was launched in March 2021.
  3. Teks Bitstone to be launched on 4Q 2021. Underlying strategy has been running for two years with the SPY and for several months in the digital asset space.
  4. Teks Bitstone holds Bitcoin and trades BTC options, therefore providing investors with direct exposure to Bitcoin.
  5. Teks Bitstone is a strategy that increases the compounded growth of a pure long Bitcoin (BTC) portfolio. Teks Bitstone offers to any BTC holder the advantage of obtaining superior performance on top of their BTC by capturing almost all of the upside while also benefiting under large price drops (crash scenarios). In the case of a slow, gradual reduction in the BTC price, investor losses are capped at around 15%.
  6. Bitcoins are held in a secure multi-signature cold storage wallet and in a secure vault managed by a third-party service provider, such as Copper.
  7. Quarterly subscriptions and redemptions.
  8. Subscriptions and redemptions can be made in fiat, BTC and/or ETH.
  9. Investors can wire US$ directly to the Fund’s US Bank account or Euros to a Gibraltar Bank account.
  10. Investors can also send their BTC and/or ETH to our secure cold storage wallet.
  11. If the Investor subscribes in fiat, at the end of the quarter Bitcoins are bought (subscriptions) or sold (redemptions) at the best possible market price.
  12. Cost is a 1% annual flat fee and 15% performance fee, accrued quarterly.
/ In order to achieve this type of returns, careful analysis is given to liquidity, market and credit risks as well as to risk management controls

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